The MSP processes at national level and regionally have resulted in a number of products.

Angola – Estratégia Nacional para o Mar de Angola, ENMA (2022)
3.44 MB
Angola – EBSA Submission Portuguese (2020)
1.35 MB
Angola – Relatório Preliminar sobre o Ordenamento do Espaço Marinho em Angola (2020)
3.26 MB
Angola – EBSA Submission English (2020)
6.56 MB
    Namibia – Current Status Report 2nd Edition (2021)
    64.72 MB
    Namibia – EBSA Submission (2020)
    7.98 MB
      South Africa – National Coastal and Marine Spatial Biodiversity Plan_Technical report (2022)
      17.79 MB
      South Africa – National Coastal and Marine Spatial Biodiversity Plan_Technical summary (2022)
      2.02 MB
      South Africa – National Coastal and Marine Spatial Biodiversity Plan_Factsheet (2022)
      1.39 MB
      South Africa – National Framework for MSP (2021)
      3.95 MB
      South Africa – National Data and Information Report (2021)
      8.96 MB
      South Africa – National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 Vol 4 Marine (2019)
      23.27 MB
      South Africa – EBSA Submission (2020)
      19.15 MB
      South Africa – MSP Act (2019)
      144.26 KB
        BCC – Regional MSP Strategy (2018)
        1,002.80 KB
        BCC – EBSA Posters (2022)
        8.96 MB
        BCC – Regional Spatial Biodiversity Assessment (2014)
        5.18 MB

          A number of articles have been published in scientific journals and as book chapter. These capture and analyse the processes and results.

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