BCC GeoData Portal

The two RWGs on MSP and EBSAs have identified the need for a joint spatial data repository to facilitate cross-border coordination and sharing of data and information. To meet this need the BCC GeoData Portal has been developed to host (Angola and Namibia) or to link (South Africa) relevant spatial data, not only for the MSP and EBSA processes.

Open the portal

The portal is an online digital platform that stores and provides access to geospatial information (and related documents) on the marine environment and human uses in the BCLME. Its two primary objectives are:

(1) to support integrated ocean governance on the regional and national levels,

(2) to support access and sharing of spatial data of the BCC contracting parties.

Its contents are directed towards organisations and professionals with responsibilities for conducting analyses, providing advice and/or making decisions on the governance and management of the marine environment at the regional, sub-regional and national levels. In South Africa, the National Oceans and Coastal Information Management System (OCIMS) Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Decision Support Tool provides consolidated view of data sources that can inform MSP.